• The First Trimester.

    The First Trimester.
    By now you guys have all most likely seen the news, The Dumbleton’s will be welcoming in a new bundle of joy December 2019!

    Praise GOD! We are so excited and blessed and we are thankful for everyones support. Pregnancy is exciting! When you first get the news your mind starts racing and your heart starts beating faster! You immediately want to tell the WORLD! What not many people will tell you though is that after the initial excitement wears off, your weeks ahead are filled with the craziest rollercoaster ride you will ever go on.

    Let’s talk about my poor husband for a moment! If you saw the video I made where I combined all of our “reveals” into one you saw how he reacted when I told him. A good ol’ bro HIGH 5!? I was hysterical at his reaction. I am not sure any man really knows the “correct way” to respond or if there even is one but my husbands will go down in the books (or at least my blog!).

    So why did I refer to him as my poor husband when I just delivered him some of the most exciting news – E V E R ?
    For the next 8 or 9 weeks I was going to transform into someone he had never known before. No woman likes to go into detail about what happens to them when their hormones completely take over. Have you ever experienced someone with a schizophrenia disorder? At times a husband with a newly pregnant woman probably feels like having his wife diagnosed! I found out about my pregnancy SUPER early because we had been seeing a specialist. 4 weeks pregnant and we knew! By week 6 - the hormones had set in full force and my husband (who hates rollercoasters) began his ride.

    When I was pregnant with Elijah I had “morning sickness” but nothing like with this child. First of all they should be honest and call it all day sickness because I don’t know of many moms who experience it only in the morning. But with Elijah by around 4:00 in the afternoon mine would subside and I could go about my day as usual. Not. This. Time. All day and all night it was constant nausea! Never actually throwing up but absolutely no appetite and what was worse – the smell of coffee made me gag! Zach literally would have to sit on the other side of the room to drink his coffee!

    Not to mention the

    E M O T I O N S.

    Now ask anyone who knows me I am an empath and I am very emotional but this is ridiculous. One morning I was at Elijah’s school assembly and guess who cried during the national anthem? Guess who also could not stop crying at her nieces dance recital. Just about anything could make me cry. I wanted to cry when by week 10 my body had already adjusted to the idea of carrying a child and I was on the look for looser clothing, and introducing full blown maternity clothes by week 12! Not only could I get sad quick but my poor husband could do nothing right! He literally could have just walked in the room and I was annoyed with him without him ever saying a single word! I am also not one who is good at a hiding her emotions so you can imagine living with that!

    And I cannot forget the exhaustion of the first trimester. Our bodies are literally developing a child from the moment that egg implants and is connected to its life source which is US. This is so freaking cool! I hope every person understands we are not being lazy during this first trimester, our bodies are working overtime to sustain and grow a human. I have had mono before and the tiredness that comes with pregnancy is much greater than that! It is so beautiful to me how GOD works all of this together and how after the first trimester is over, as it finally is for me, that I am still married to the man of my dreams and he and my tribe of people around me still love me!

    Hello Second Trimester!

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  • Truth Seeker.

    Truth Seeker
    I’ve been in church for a long time and I know that all the years of  hearing preaching and bible stories plays a part in my belief system. 

    We’re taught so much in life from a young age, but what does that mean for us once we’re older? We have some life experience and start to realize that some of the things we were taught aren’t true. Some may be, but some has been twisted into something that it was never meant to be.

    _We have a responsibility as we get older to pull these things apart and test them.

    We have to find out if what we’ve been taught or experienced is actually the truth. Why do you think the way you do? Likely, it’s because you were taught to think that way or something you experienced in your life made your heart believe a certain way.

    I’m here to admit that for so long I’ve relied on the knowledge that has been placed in me by man. As children we rely on adults to teach us right from wrong or good from bad. We ask questions and look for answers. As we get older we want to know which way to go in life. It’s easy as a child because we just listen to our parents or authority figures. 

    We then hit high school and college where most everything we’ve been taught is questioned. Or someone in your life gives you a different view and you think to yourself… “WAIT. Wait just a second. That’s not what I’ve been told for my entire life!”. So, the journey begins. 

    To find the real truth, we have to humble ourselves and realize what we’ve always believed could be incorrect.

    Nobody wants to be wrong. I had to open my heart and say, “God, show me where I may have believed wrong. Allow me to have Your eyes and see things as YOU see them, not how I’ve been trained to see them. Give me wisdom and what YOUR truth is.”

    I have to confess that as I have had these conversations with God, He has been bringing so many controversial things to my heart. I am unpacking them and He is bringing me people who are more than willing to share their experiences with me. My faith has been tested and renewed. I am learning what GOD says about things. I am getting a picture of the Father. Light is being shed. The biggest truth I am finding in all of this journey is this: 


    "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:34-35 (ESV)

    If we could love. If we could seek to understand one another. If we could be more like God in the sense that He meets us exactly where we are and meet people exactly where they are. If we could be humble and listen. If we would earnestly seek truth. I will be wrong about some things. Don’t ever take my word as truth, but look to the WORD of GOD. Surely I am right about this one thing- We are all utterly wicked in comparison to the ALMIGHTY GOD. We are all sinners who need a savior. We all need to recognize our sin, realize Jesus Christ died to bring us back to GOD, and surrender to a life of repentance and following Him knowing that our life is no longer ours.

    The Bible is clear on this:

    We must preach Jesus Christ crucified,  
    because Jesus is the only way to find the Father,
    _ and because he loved us, we have no excuse to not love.
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  • Know Him.

    Know Him.

    Do I really?


    I think I do because I grew up in church. I think I do because I’ve read a lot of books about Him. I think I do because I know some verses.  I think I do because I went to a lot of church camps. I think I do because people always tell me I have a lot of wisdom for my age. I think I do based off a lot of things that have to do with me and what I have done or what I have learned. So, do I really know Him?

    All of what I said above is true but when I sit back and think about GOD and his GREATNESS I am completely overwhelmed. We can attend all of these camps and conferences and read all of the books and take all the notes and never truly even know GOD. We have so much information at our fingertips ready for us to search out and fill our brains with.

    I have come to find that the best knowledge is the simple knowledge of who GOD is and what He wants to do. When we are able to get to the attributes of GOD and really learn about Him, as best our carnal minds can comprehend, we begin to see everything else in life from the right perspective. 

    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.“ Proverbs 9:10

    I don’t think GOD made a mistake when He purposed for that to be in The Bible. GOD knows that we need knowledge of who He is.

    Not only what He is capable of doing, but His very essence.


    GOD is one being, made of 3 parts… The Trinity. He is self-existent and needs no person or thing to exist. He is self-sufficient and needs no person or anything else to do what He wants to do either. He is eternal. GOD is infinite, never ending.  He is immutable, divinely omniscient, and the definition of wisdom. GOD is omnipotent and divinely transcendent above all. He is faithful and good and just. He is abounding in mercy and grace and love. GOD is HOLY and sovereign.

    The depth and knowledge of each of the attributes of GOD will take us further in our life than any worship song from Bethel or any sermon preached by Steven Furtick. 

    Those attributes make the gospel so much more full of flavor than any man made idea or “At The Movies” sermon could EVER accomplish. The fact that a GOD like that would do what He did, so he could have ME in heaven with Him for all of eternity, absolutely blows my mind.

    To think rightly of GOD is to get your mind thinking rightly about              E V E R Y T H I N G else in life. I can’t possibly think right about a single area of life if I have even one attribute missing or if I have learned about GOD wrongly. I have got to find out who GOD is. I need to find out what all of those attributes are. I promise you there are no greater riches in life to be found than to find the richness of GOD.


    He is waiting for me, and He is waiting for you.

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  • “The One.”

    "The One."

    When you read this title you either smiled or cringed.

    Hearing the term “the  one” usually brings one of two things, joy or frustration. With valentines day we are bombarded with ideas of this. You can’t go anywhere without seeing flowers and chocolates and pink and glitter and romance novels. You may be the one full of joy because you are in a happy dating relationship or marriage with a promising future and you feel you have found “the one”. You may be frustrated because your dating relationship is non-existent, or not progressing how you wish it was left wondering if this person is “the one”. Or maybe you are like so many people who wonder if they will EVER even find “the one”.

    The LORD spoke to me about this earlier in the week. We were discussing the issue of soul-mates. The world tells us that we have to search and pray for God to give us this one certain person who will complete us. We have this idea in our head that another human will come in and make everything finally whole about us. I am here to tell you my friends this is simply not true.

    Don’t get me wrong, God cares about your desire for relationship.


    He created us this way. It is not WRONG to have these dreams of god-honoring marriages. In fact marriage is intended to be a picture of the GOSPEL for the world. He created us in this way to find help in each other and to grow us closer to HIM. There is a spiritual element to marriage and relationships that is unlike any other. But why? Why are relationships so important to God and to us?

    The answer is because we have a longing (placed in us by GOD) to be fully known and fully loved. We want to feel whole and complete. We want to be accepted exactly as we are. Not only do we want to be accepted for who we are but we want to be cherished regardless of our flaws. We so desperately long for this intimacy that will leave us feeling full and satisfied and desired. That’s one reason why we enjoy sex, because of the intimacy that is created when we engage in it. It is a spiritual connection to another human that for a time leaves us feeling full and satisfied. But, with that being said, you always have to go back for more. The feeling is not sustainable.

    You may think you have found “the one”, 

    But have you?

     You may think you need to be searching for “the one”, 

    But do you? 

    You may think “the one” is never going to come around,

    But is this relationship right in front of you?

    I hate to break the news to you my friends but God is not so concerned about this “one” person as much as we would like to think he is.


    As I said, the LORD values relationship and he wants to bless them. But GOD is more concerned about him being “THE ONE”, than another human. But why? God knows how he created us and he knows our love for each other will fail in one way or another at some point. Thats why our human love or our sexual encounters never leave us full permanently. He created us in a way that HE was meant to be “THE ONE” for us. He knows that only HIMSELF can fill this gap. In the end of our lives God is the one who will continue a relationship with us on the other side of Earth if we choose him.

    Quit thinking you’ve found the one who completes you. Quit thinking you are left to search for the one as if they are hiding. Quit thinking you will never find the one.

    The God of the Universe is the one not your spouse or significant other. The God of the Universe is not hiding from you,  He is after you. The God of the Universe is already right here, waiting.


    He is “The One.”

    “Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever. “

    Psalm 136:2

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