Beckett's Story pt.3

_Part 3


One of the most important things in life is to have a few good friends around you to encourage you, correct you, and believe with you. Hans is one of those friends for us. If you don’t know him, you should. One evening talking with him and my lovely husband I was sharing them with my frustration I had been dealing with. I told him how it was draining to go do altar ministry because of all the people who kept needing the same prayer that I did or celebrating the exact thing I was praying for.


Another good friend had used the story of the lady in the bible with the issue of blood when I had went up for prayer one day. I was also telling them about this when Hans stopped me in my tracks and pointed out another person in the story. He talked about Jairus who had come searching for Jesus because his 12 year old daughter was on her  death bed. He knew Jesus could heal her. I had always been told this story and been related to the lady with the issue of blood. “If you have enough faith to reach out and touch His robe, He will heal you. You just have to believe enough. Why don’t you believe, what is hindering your belief?


The issue with that was I did believe God could heal me if he wanted to…

but for whatever reason He was choosing not to so it always left me confused and frustrated and like I was supposed to work for something that I could never attain.


Hans said, “Maybe you’re looking at the story wrong. Maybe your Jairus, and not the lady with the issue of  blood. Jairus had to wait on Jesus to heal the woman before he ever considered leaving her and coming to his daughter’s rescue. Maybe that’s the point of the story for you.” This of course blew my mind… once again, I was focusing on myself. I focused on myself so much that I couldn’t even see what He was really trying to show me. Hans also said, “I don’t know what this means or how it applies but I feel like I’m supposed to share with you guys the number 12. Maybe check if your pregnant in 12 weeks or something, I don’t know.. I just keep feeling like He is telling me the number 12.


Side note- The lady with the issue of blood had been bleeding for 12 years and Jairus’ daughter was said to be 12 years old. This was not realized until later on when I was studying the story myself. God’s way of doing things is so cool and I could never orchestrate it how He does. 


This was one more block in the wall of faith I was trying to build.

One more word that confirmed that God was most definitely up to something, and it was going to be good. So good.

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