Show Production:


My goal in all that I do is to honor God and bring Him glory. Therefore, I do everything to a high level of excellence and do not take shortcuts. In production, my goal is to create the content your audience is looking for without age range, interests, or lifestyle being a hindrance. I take the time to learn the personality, mission, and financial limitations of my clients. Further, I remain actively aware and am able to make sharp decisions when problems arise. Staying up to date on social media trends, Hollywood, and current issues in the world allows me to produce new and cutting-edge content.



  • Communication: Concise, teachable, assertive. Explaining concepts, pitching ideas, and marketing


  • Organization: Prioritization and delegation of tasks, use tools to make systems that run smoothly and efficiently


  • Professionalism: Timely, personable, respectful, and teachable


  • Awareness: Sharp decision making, patient, high level of follow-through


  • Creativity: New ideas and concepts, visionary, dreamer


  • Positive mindset



I can manage a team effectively through organized communication and systems.


By utilizing an extensive and continually growing list of contacts I’m capable to help build networks and collaborations with people and organizations that fit your brand and mission.


Do you have trouble finding guests and talent that bring high value, relevant information, and excitement to your program or event? Because of my experience helping such a wide variance of clients, the potential for finding the guests you want is limitless.


Because of my organizational skills, I am able to take care of scheduling your interviews. I am able to write, edit, and organize your show notes or interview information.


I can oversee the post-production process. It is necessary for producing a quality program to have a team of highly skilled professionals who will take no shortcuts. I will ensure that the job is done and fits your branding.


Assisting you in marketing your program and offering my experience contacting promising organizations or people who may be potential sponsors.


Gathering your goals and creating a plan which is financially feasible will be necessary to see the growth you desire. I can help make wise financial decisions once we have that established that will propel you into each phase of the plan.