I recently asked facebook what topic they wanted me to write on and my dear friend Amber said “The importance of identity”.


I see this all around our culture. People seeking to find their identity and once they feel they have found it they will do anything to keep it. We need so desperately to know who we are. We identify with different cultural groups. We identify with different political parties. We identify with different religions and then even within those religions there are different groups of people as well.

When speaking of religion, there is always talk in the Christian religion of “knowing who I am in Christ.”

I have found one problem with this that can create a multitude of other problems for us. You see, when I focus only on my identity in Christ it is easy to become puffed up. First and foremost I think it is important to realize who I am without Christ. The realization of my identity before He chose to lavish His truth and love and grace and mercy on me. Our identity before He gave me the gift of faith, so I could believe on Him and Him alone.

I believe it is important to know that Christ brought me redemption and freedom from my sins. I believe it is vital to know the Holy Spirit resides in me to empower me in walking out the life of holiness and righteousness that I am called to live. At the same time, let me never ever forsake the one who gifted me in the first place.

When I focus so much on “who GOD made me now” and less on “WHO made me who I am now” I create an idol even of my faith. I idolize the gift and not the Giver, the created not the Creator.


There is no greater sadness to our HOLY LORD than for me to forget who He is before He ever did a single thing for me. If He never did a single thing for me, would I still fall at His feet just because He is GOD and He deserves it?

As I sit and listen to sermons about how I’m able to speak to my mountains and they have to bow, I must remember that I am not the one they bow to.

I cannot forget that my disease was not miraculously healed because I declared it. Any good deed I am enabled to do was nothing by my own provision. No money I give, no kind word, not a single positive thought was my own. All things are from Him and to Him and through Him. I must be very careful how I see myself. There is something pleasing to the LORD when I bow low before Him in adoration and wonder of how the GOD of the Universe could save such a soul like mine.

This is the gospel.

My identity was stained. It was covered in sinfulness and imperfection. It was dirty and unworthy of ANY good gift. Jesus Christ was sent by GOD to relieve me from all my sinfulness and give me freedom from a life of death. The Holy Spirit lives in me, as a gift from the LORD, to empower me to walk out a life of repentance. He has poured His beautiful crimson blood over my stained identity and that is what the Father sees when He looks at me. The perfection of Christ’s blood covers me. 

I am the beloved of the Father, the One who created the Heavens and the Earth. A Holy GOD who could destroy the entire universe with one thought chose me.

He has just as much wrath stored up in Him as He has love.

I know that I am truly nothing short of evil without Him living inside of me. He alone is good. The identity I choose to keep in the front of my mind is the identity of my Father, of His son, and of His Holy Spirit. 

I must have a reverence for HIS identity before my own. I must know that I am nothing apart from Him. That is my identity.
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