Who Is Bethany Dumbleton:

PLANNERS MAKE MY HEART HAPPY// I have a huge monthly calendar that hangs in my laundry room. I also have a weekly calendar where I plan out my weekly to-do’s and appointments, and then I have my DAILY organizer where I plan out the hours of my day. It helps me keep on task and get everything done that I need to do. I feel so prepared once it is filled out and I know what to expect to accomplish in the day, week, and month!

READING IS MY RELAXATION//  I don’t read your typical books. I am not a huge fan of fiction novels, but I would rather read about things that makes me learn. I love knowledge and hearing stories of real life people and how they deal with things life throws at them. I enjoy books that make me think of faith in new ways and challenge my way of thinking. I do audiobooks, podcasts, read on my iPad, but my favorite is an old-fashioned paper book. There is nothing like holding a work of art in your hands and being able to fully absorb every word that was so passionately written for you to take in. The list of books I could recommend to you, and the list I have that I am waiting to read.. it might be intimidating to some! The more I read and learn, the more I realize I don’t know!

FUN IS FUN// I try to make every single situation I step into a FUN experience. God has given me such a joyful spirit and I love being goofy and playing around. Life is way too short to be boring or stay suck in a rut. I try to find joy and good in every day, even if I have to create it myself!

I AM A PRAYER JUNKIE// Seriously. You know those people who say, “Oh, How can I pray for you?”. Well if I ask you that you can be sure to know that I am writing it down in my “Yes & AMEN” journal and praying over it during my daily prayer time.

I AM AN EARLY RISER// You can ask anyone who knows me, I get up anywhere from 3:30-4:30 in the morning. If I’m not up by 5:00 I feel like I am behind on my day! The truth of the matter is during the early morning hours I am able to think my clearest, and dream my biggest dreams. I wake up, change, and head to the gym!

MUSIC FEEDS MY SOUL// I cannot get enough of music. Maybe that’s partially why I married a musician!? Some of my favorites are NEEDTOBREATHE, Bruno Mars, Switchfoot, MOSAIC MSC, Ellie Goulding, Crowder. I love a huge variety. Top 40’s country, thanks to my husband. Classic rock, thanks to my dad. Pop, thanks to my childhood. Rap, thanks to my high school friends. Worship music, thanks to my church for the environment and Jesus for the inspiration.

HANDCRAFTED COFFEE IS MY JAM// There is nothing like traveling to a new city and going to a local coffee shop that handcrafts their syrups and locally roasts their coffee beans. If you know of a new coffee spot, I will probably get there within a week of finding out about it!

VEGANS EAT GOOD FOOD TOO// My family chooses to eat a 95% plant based diet. It is a personal choice due to health reasons. Our favorite place to eat in OKC so far is The Loaded Bowl which is located in the Farmers Market. If you haven’t been and you are on the fence about vegan food, go! Also, Holey Rollers in the Paseo for your donut sweet tooth!

FITNESS FREES ME// I find so much of myself when I get to be by myself in my head. Working out provides me with an hour of time to just shut off from the world and focus on my body and myself. I have a very hard time shutting my mind off to other things, but this is one time where I am USUALLY able to do that!