Kids cannot WAIT to get out of school it seems like.


About a month before the 2018/2019 school year was over Elijah began asking me every single day, ”Mom, how many days left of school?” I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has experienced this! Please GOD don’t let me be the only one who had to check her attitude every morning and answer him politely.

I get it! I remember the last month of school was dreadful! All you could think about was going to the lake, staying up late and sleeping in. I remember daydreaming of ice cream and vacation and all of the things. What got even more exciting was when there was only a WEEK left! The classroom suddenly became more bearable and the air was fresher simply because you knew you wouldn’t be stuck in there much longer. The best day of all was the last one when you got to watch a movie, have extra recess, and clean off the desks with that foam cleaner! Then the bell would ring and… SUMMER HAD FINALLY ARRIVED!

But I am sure that just like that countdown began so early, so did your kids boredom.

One of the most frustrating things for me to hear is “Mom, I’m bored. What can I do?” Which usually comes up after his 30 minutes of video game time is up. What can you do? How about go get messy outside or play with the 8 trillion legos you have that I am constantly stepping on. It drives me insane! So this summer I decided to save him the boredom and save me my sanity.

Summer Bucket List 2019!

I stole this idea from our pastors wife but edited it some to things specifically for Elijah and I! All kids have different interests and all families have different budgets! So far we have made a pretty good dent in our list. We first had an “Adventure Day” where we packed snacks in our backpacks and put on our ball caps to go out adventuring.
We drove a little over an hour to the Arbuckle Wilderness!

I had never been but it was a blast! Their website had a $2 off coupon per admission so that saved a few dollars, and we bought 3 cups of animal food and a bag of fish food! The grand total here was $36.76, not too bad in my opinion! We drove with our windows down and fed the animals as they came up to our car. We saw PLENTY of llamas, donkeys, and alpacas! But we also got to see bison, zebra, deer, rams, geese, and we will never forget the camels! Beware of the camels! They are aggressive!! Also, the rams might scratch the paint on your car like they so lovingly did to mine. And the donkeys  might also decide to follow your car or not move their heads out of the way of your side mirrors. Whoops. After we drove through which took about an hour to an hour and a half we parked and went to walk around the outside area they have where we fed the fish and saw some kangaroos. There honestly wasn’t much to do or see in the walk around area but it was included in admission and we bought the fish food so why not!?

After we left there we headed to Arbuckle Fried Pies –
because who doesn’t love pie?


 For $11.77 we got 3 pies! Peach, apple, and a broccoli/chicken one. I am pregnant after all! I needed to make sure to have some kind of substance… even if it was fried! They were all delicious!  Highly recommend. We next headed back toward the city but stopped in Pauls Valley at The Toy & Action Figure Museum. It looks like a tiny place because it is located on a cute old downtown street in the middle of town! We headed in and it cost us $12.00 total! I don’t really care about action figures but if you like comics or that sort of thing you could spend HOURS in here. The walls are filled with pictures and toys and all sorts of collectibles. Pictures don’t do it justice! Even though I went here specifically for Elijah I still enjoyed looking at it all. They  also had a play area with a lot of action figures and toys and costumes kids could play with or dress up in! This pregnant momma had a nice little rest for about 30 minutes while Elijah set up action figures and battled them. I was exhausted and honestly could have taken a nap on that bench!

We’ve done a few other things on our bucket list, but I will save those for another blog post! Follow along on instagram and facebook if you wanna see what we get in to before I write about it!

And create a bucket list of your own!

There is nothing like getting out and exploring with your kids! These are priceless memories they will cherish forever, and you’ll be thankful you set aside your phone to enjoy your children.

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