God has me on this waiting journey.

In life we are always waiting on something. I am waiting on a lot of things.

I started reading a book called “When God Says Wait.” by Elizabeth Laing Thompson. She goes through the stories of the people in the bible who have to wait on God and today was the story of Jacob. Jacob is the one who wrestled with an angel all night long. He didn’t give up. I always thought this story was kind of odd and never gave much thought to it. But today it rocked me.

Jacob was willing to fight the angel regardless of how many blows he received. Dude was fighting a freaking angel! I can’t say I would be one to wrestle an angel, but he did. Jacob kept fighting because his heart was full of concern for the protection of his family. So how should I come to God in prayer? Persistent and full of fight. 

How many times do I come to God and FIGHT for my world, family, healing and the babies I believe He wants me to have. I am a prayer warrior but I want to give up sometimes. I get frustrated and bitter when I don’t see things moving. I don’t see family members coming to know Jesus. I don’t see my health improving. I do not see my belly growing with a child inside. I continue to pray for a while with half-hearted belief and full of frustration, but because my heart is not right I usually give up on my fight over time.

When it comes to the Christian life- Jesus is our standard. I tend to think that because God is sovereign that my prayers don’t have a lot to do with what He decides to do in my life. “I should pray but God already has His mind set so if it isn’t His plan, it won’t happen.” But that isn’t always true. Think about Jesus and the night He is going to be turned in. Jesus knew that his entire life had been set up for this exact moment. Jesus knew that from the beginning of time God had worked everything in a very specific way to get to this moment. And what did Jesus have the audacity to do?

“If it be possible, take this cup from me.” (Matthew 26:39)

Mic drop. Jesus knows the Father better than I do, and he asked God to change His plans. The flesh side of Jesus did not want to endure the road ahead. He knew how horrible it was going to be to take on our wickedness and total separation from the Father. He couldn’t bear to not at least ASK God to reconsider. He also knew God wouldn’t change His mind which is why I believe after his request he surrendered his will to the Fathers. He realized that although he could sincerely ask his Father whatever he wanted, God ultimately had to fulfill His purpose.


I can trust that His ways are higher and He may not change His mind, but He wants me to have such a realization of His love for me that I can come to Him in confidence knowing He hears me and that my prayers are not annoying or pointless. 

God hears my prayers. My prayers move God’s heart. My prayers can move God’s heart to move His plan.

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