What's Wrong With Me?

I’m not sure how many of you have had or do have any health issues. I am almost positive though that if you don’t currently have any, you will at some point. I don’t mean that to be negative but let’s face it, in todays society we aren’t the best stewards of our temple. We fill our days with errands and activities and work and leave hardly any time for rest and reset. We tend to not exercise much and some of us don’t exercise at all. We eat fast food and ingest all kinds of chemicals and pesticides and for the most part it’s simply because we haven’t taken the time to make it a priority.

But what about the people who have health issues and are trying everything in their power to BEAT them? What about the ones like me, who have exhausted what seems to be every single option to find an answer? And even once we find an answer, we continually have to fight against whatever the answer is. What about those of us who are T I R E D ?

I’m going to get right down to it. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid disease which is a fancy term for JACKED UP HORMONES. I fully believe this developed out of undiagnosed adrenal fatigue (another fancy term for TOO MUCH STRESS). I was in a very mentally abusive and exhausting relationship at the time which sent me into full out anxiety mode. Getting pregnant at 18 right out of high school, still dealing with the relationship, and now taking on adulthood. Yeah, it didn’t really help my stress levels. Continue on in the next years to come it was just constant anxiety and stress and depression as I dealt with what was now my life. I started battling it more and more yet my thyroid levels were all “normal”. I felt ANYTHING and EVERYTHING besides normal. Not to mention that emotionally my world was very very dark.

I had horrible acne on top of that. I couldn’t seem to lose weight, and then I lost too much. My cycle was extremely irregular and then completely non-existent. I would have fits of rage and then deep depression. I couldn’t sleep at night. I mean I REALLY couldn’t sleep. I would wake up after sleeping for maybe 2-3 hours. This happened 5-6 nights out of the week. I developed migraines which literally could put me on the floor and unable to speak because of how painful they are. I would get bruises out of nowhere. I mean just really odd stuff. I can’t begin to even tell you how much money I have spent going to doctors and trying different things to figure out what the heck was wrong with me.

We tried Benadryl to try and help me sleep, with no luck. Ambien was next but it didn’t help at all either and the side effects of it were not worth the risk. I paid around $450 a month to get rid of my acne. Thank you Acutane and Dr. Brazeal! At least that worked for me. I’ve tried tons of diets and workout programs some worked and some didn’t. When it came to my anxiety and depression we mostly have relied on neurotherapy which seemed to help a little but not a lasting difference. CBD didn’t make a difference for me either. No Tylenol or ibuprofen ever helped my migraines. We finally found imitrex and that will make them better for a while but I am still having them.

I finally decided to go to the one place I knew I would find answers. Facebook. Let’s be honest, we have all done it! It was my last resort but I just could NOT handle the depression anymore. It was beginning to take over my life. I posted  on my timeline something along the lines of “Here is everything that’s wrong with me, here’s what I’ve tried, WHERE DO I GO AND WHAT DO I DO? SOS, SEND HELP PLZZZZ.”.

When you post things like this people LOVE it because they get to tell you everything they know and it makes them feel smart. Trust me I know, I do it too. So I of course had about 600 comments (exaggeration) in a matter of 30 minutes. In the time I posted it I also felt like I was supposed to text one of my clients wives who I knew was very into natural medicine and extremely health conscience. I told her kind of what was going on and what she would recommend. She immediately responded with her Doctors name and some good advice and I told her I would check into it later when I got off work.

I looked her up and I was AMAZED. She had referred me to the same doctor and doctors office that so many people on my facebook had mentioned. I don’t take things like this as a coincidence. I was so sick and tired of trying new doctors and new medicine and never getting any answers. I had prayed to God and told him please please just send me where I need to go. Not knowing why I felt like I shouldmessage her but doing it anyways ended up giving me the confirmation I needed to have peace about going to this doctor’s office and investing the time and money to find an answer.

I took that was Gods way of saying “I have ALL of these people telling you where to go, but I know where your heart is right now so I am going to give you an even greater confirmation through her…

All you have to do is ask.


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